This day - 10 Sept 1945 - Headless Chicken Survives for 18 Months

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Is there something about the American Southern states and foraging a living from chicken? Is it poultry week on Lazybones? You might think so if you tuned in yesterday but don’t read too much into it.  This week in September just happens to feature a string of honest people trying to make a buck from chicken.  This enterprising American couple had every intention  putting chicken on the table as well but Mike, as they later named him, refused to die even with his head cut off.  Sure we've all heard of chickens living a few seconds after their head was severed but Mike persevered for 18 months and only died later as a result of choking.  Apparently most of Mike’s brain stem was left in tact after the botched beheading, which allowed him to carry on living with his owners feeding him small grains of corn and milk and water through an eyedropper.  Despite not having a head, Mike apparently continued to try to peck at the ground, preen himself and crow although not with much success.  Mike went on the fair circuit where he went on to gross up to $4500 in a single month.  One grisly side effect of his fame was that it sparked a wave of copycat near killings of other chickens however none survived more than a day or two.  I’m sure chickens everywhere are grateful the phenomenon of Mike has passed into the history books.
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